New Criterion Banjo Orchestra

These are a few of the songs that are performed by the New Criterion Banjo Orchestra.

The Creole's Dream- mp3(1.25mb)
A dark little tune by Fred Stuber who, in the 1890's, was the boy wonder banjoist from Pennsylvania. He was a lightning-fast player but, alas, he died very young, about 1904.

Jackstraws Polka- mp3(1.7mb)
Composed by Paul Eno, who was very active in the Philadelphia area from the 1890's until his death, about 1920. He conducted, led, and taught many college and amateur Banjo, Mandolin, and Guitar Orchestras. Some feel he is the "outstanding" American composer of music for the banjo. Though this song is not one of his "great" songs, it seems to have been composed as an orchestra piece.

Dill Pickles Rag- mp3(2.1mb)
A very popular rag, composed by C. L. Johnson, with 3 over 2 syncopation. It is one of those pieces that was so popular it worked its way into the country/folk traditional repertoire, though fiddlers usually don't play all the parts.

Washington Post March- mp3(1.5mb)
One of the most famous marches by John Philip Sousa. Sousa's band was the first to travel around the world giving performances.

Georgia Grind-mp3(1.9mb)
Floyd Dabney wrote this "rag/drag" in the teens. There is a very famous RCA Victor 78 rpm record of this song played on an automated "street piano". The artist is listed as Seignor Grinderino

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