Classic Banjo MIDI Files
A wonderfully entertaining site that will be a feast for your ears. Bill Talley is the maestro of MIDI by adding classic banjo music to his site regularly. His digital baton slices through the dark ether, leaving a trail of banjolight in its melodious wake.

Classic Banjo Home Page
The Queen Mother of Classic Banjo History. From the elegant to the profound, the hallowed halls of learning chronicle the legendary performers, their instruments of melody, and the lands from whence they strode.

Mugwumps Online
A veritable goblet of fine banjo wine, overflowing with many tastes of the banjo. Makers, history, construction diagrams, dating of banjos, out of print publications. One sip will give you the vapors of excitement.

The Art and Times of the Zither Banjo
To recline in your parlor on a Sunday afternoon and take in the sounds of the softly vibrating Zither banjo will most certainly make you believe your life is complete. Spend a few moments languishing in the verdant vineyard of this site.

Black-Tie Banjo
The melodius, intertwined sounds of a banjo and piano can best be enjoyed by allowing your ears to linger momentarily at this site.

Bernunzio's Vintage Instruments
A quaint commercial establishment within which one is able to peruse and occulate upon the historical oddities of yesteryear.

Yahoo Discussion Group
To quell your body's ravaging withdrawal, a classic banjo group is on Yahoo. This musical 7% solution will bring a serenity to your psyche and center you in a kindler, gentler era.

E-mail to the Orchestra
Perchance your heart is aflutter with ecstacy over the sights and sounds before you. Should you desire counsel, our ear is ever at the ready.

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